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Best Dinner This Week

Shockingly, it was not the chili dumped on a baked potato that I threw together last night (although that was kind of tasty).
On my lovely friend Kellie’s advice, I checked out Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, which had tons of recipes to choose from. After a few minutes’ perusal, I settled on the Chicken Pillows, mostly because I had only heard tell of such things but hadn’t actually tasted them.
Here’s the glamour shot.

They required a bit of work and planning ahead, but they were definitely worth the effort. I thought, “Oh, I’ll make a bunch and we can freeze half of them.” Except there are only two left.
I will say that the chicken filling in the middle is a bit bland for my taste and could use a little punch of something–curry powder, chili powder, or maybe some veggies. But the crescent roll on the outside is probably one of the best bread items I have ever tasted. Ever. EVER. Find that recipe here.
There are two main keys to the rolls’ deliciousness: 1) a cornmeal and milk base (polenta, basically) and 2) butter.
I used fresh ground popcorn for the cornmeal, which is extra tasty. (Note: While your NutriMill might indicate that you can grind a nearly-full hopper of popcorn at one time, the reality is that it takes a long time, which means that your grinder will actually get hot enough to partially pop some of your kernels. Lesson learned.) I also added the leftovers (not quite 2 cups) of the whole wheat flour I had ground last week for bread, and the rolls were still very light and tender.
Oh, and for the parmesan sauce, I left out the sour cream–I didn’t think it needed it–and added a little cheddar cheese as well, since that’s Greg’s favorite.
So if your find yourself with plenty of time to plan ahead for dinner, this is a yummy option. Or just make the rolls and try not to eat them all in one sitting. Either way.