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Some things I have learned so far

I’m just ten days into my minimal-spending project, and already I’ve learned some important lessons.
1. If you spend only $15 on groceries in a week, you will have money left over to buy yourself a decent haircut. With color.

I even had little nap on it, and it still looks pretty good.

2. If you leave a 90%-full gallon of milk on the counter after breakfast and don’t remember that it’s out of the fridge until you go to make dinner, it will be gross and you will have wasted $2.50 of your $15. Also, you will feel too lazy to go to the store for a replacement.
3. If you have a husband who thinks that milk is an actual beverage and not just a cereal condiment/cooking tool, you should keep some of this on the shelf in case you ruin the good milk like an idiot and are too lazy to go to the store.

Slightly classier than boxed wine. I assume.

4. I have only used it twice so far, but I love this thing.

FYI, I discovered that 12 minutes might be a bit long for a brown rice/red quinoa mix.

I bought the electric pressure cooker after I got hooked on some episodes of Fusion Grain Cooking on BYUtv. I’m not sure I’m sold on all the Xagave he uses on the show, but he definitely opened my eyes to a million different ways to incorporate grains into meals, and he recommends the electric pressure cooker for many of the recipes. I will post more about my experiences with the cooker–and with the world of grain–when I start to figure out what I am doing.