Best Dinner This Week

Shockingly, it was not the chili dumped on a baked potato that I threw together last night (although that was kind of tasty).
On my lovely friend Kellie’s advice, I checked out Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, which had tons of recipes to choose from. After a few minutes’ perusal, I settled on the Chicken Pillows, mostly because I had only heard tell of such things but hadn’t actually tasted them.
Here’s the glamour shot.

They required a bit of work and planning ahead, but they were definitely worth the effort. I thought, “Oh, I’ll make a bunch and we can freeze half of them.” Except there are only two left.
I will say that the chicken filling in the middle is a bit bland for my taste and could use a little punch of something–curry powder, chili powder, or maybe some veggies. But the crescent roll on the outside is probably one of the best bread items I have ever tasted. Ever. EVER. Find that recipe here.
There are two main keys to the rolls’ deliciousness: 1) a cornmeal and milk base (polenta, basically) and 2) butter.
I used fresh ground popcorn for the cornmeal, which is extra tasty. (Note: While your NutriMill might indicate that you can grind a nearly-full hopper of popcorn at one time, the reality is that it takes a long time, which means that your grinder will actually get hot enough to partially pop some of your kernels. Lesson learned.) I also added the leftovers (not quite 2 cups) of the whole wheat flour I had ground last week for bread, and the rolls were still very light and tender.
Oh, and for the parmesan sauce, I left out the sour cream–I didn’t think it needed it–and added a little cheddar cheese as well, since that’s Greg’s favorite.
So if your find yourself with plenty of time to plan ahead for dinner, this is a yummy option. Or just make the rolls and try not to eat them all in one sitting. Either way.


2 responses to “Best Dinner This Week

  1. Glad you liked this meal – I love the idea of grinding your own cornmeal! I’ll have to try that in my Wolfgang mill next time!

    • Yeah, I’ve come to love the freshly ground cornmeal. It seems like I read somewhere that the Wolfgang mill (or one kind of mill) won’t do popcorn, so just make sure before you try it!
      I love your site! I’m excited to try more of your recipes, even though my husband sometimes gets sick of my “try new things all the time” mentality. But he did love the chicken pillows, so perhaps he’ll get on board.

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