Project See How Long Our Stockpiles Will Last

Not too long before the new year (Happy New Year, btw), I got an email from WordPress about Project 365, where you choose something to blog about every day for a year. I think it’s an interesting idea, but let’s be honest: it ain’t gonna happen here. Clearly, since I’ve already missed a day this year.

However, as I was cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry and food storage the other day (a Christmas/New Year’s miracle, if ever there was one), it occurred to me that we have a lot of food in our house. And having just spent a lot of money over the holidays, I wondered how long we could go without spending money on food, other than the most perishable of perishables.

Now I know that, compared to the food bunkers of many of my fellow Mormons here in Utah County, this is a sad little stash. But since it’s just Greg and me right now, I feel pretty good about what we have.

The nearly done pantry. Believe me: it was much worse before.

Basement storage room. The clean side of it, anyway.

After considering our food situation, I thought I may as well expand the experiment to my other stockpiles, including toiletries and crafts. When Greg and I started working on our food storage, I also decided there were some things I didn’t want to be without if we were ever in a crisis-living situation, like soap, shampoo, tampons, toilet paper, etc., so I started stockpiling those as well. And since I am like a kid in a candy store at most craft/fabric stores, I have a rather large collection of paper, frames, paints, glue, fabric, beads, yarn, you name it.

This one still needs some attention.

So I suppose it’s high time I finally figured out how to use up what I have before I go out and buy more.

I need to really learn to use what I already have, whether it be food, toiletries, or fabric swatches. So that’s what my Project 365 (But Not Really 365) will be this year: using what I have and spending as little money as possible in these 3 areas for as long as I can. I’ll update about my progress and any great ideas or epiphanies I have. But don’t worry–I probably won’t write anything about the use of my toilet paper stash.


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