Keep your hands off my melons.

We’ve had zucchini and crookneck squash shooting out of the garden for a couple of weeks now, and the cucumbers just decided to come out last week, but here’s the really exciting thing happening in the garden.


The melons are coming! The melons are coming!
The casaba above appeared about 4 days ago and is already the size of a pear. There are a few other tiny ones on the vine.
Next door on the cantaloupe vine is this sweet baby:

And not to be outdone by the others is the watermelon, which just produced this beensy wonder yesterday.

It's just beensy.

It’s so exciting to see the melons finally doing something. For about a month, the vines branched out well, but there wasn’t a single flower in sight. Can’t wait to taste them! And if that neighborhood cat that we’ve chased out of the garden many a time comes back and eats my melons, it might get ugly.
Speaking of ugly, I have some sad news to report about the pumpkins. We lost the Lumina a couple of weeks ago to some kind of sudden wilt, but we still had high hopes for the Spookie plant, which had a beautiful green vine and a couple of tiny punkins on board. But sadly, it also succumbed to whatever had killed the Lumina. Possibly squash bugs. Jerks. So here’s the sad picture of our little friend who never had a chance.

RIP, little fella.


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