Saturday afternoon craft

After helping Greg shovel some dirt in the backyard this morning, I started to feel queasy, so I wussed out and came inside. I decided to finish this crafty thing I have been working for the past few days.

The front entry needed some sprucing up.

I saw the idea on CraftGawker, a site on which I can (and do) waste many hours.

The letters were from Hobby Lobby ($1.99 each), and they are just thick chipboard. The yarn is wool. Don’t look too closely at the R–it was my trial run, and it is a bit sloppier than the rest. Which is why it all went above the door instead of on the mantel.


4 responses to “Saturday afternoon craft

  1. Cute. I wish I could see it close up. I am still trying to figure out how to make a proper Watch For Deer sign to hang above our door… maybe I could copy this idea with smaller letters. Hm.

    • I’m sure you could do it with smaller letters…especially if they were in a sans serif font. The serifs are probably doable, but I suspect they would make it more difficult to wrap the yarn around it.
      Hobby Lobby also has some smaller (3″?) chipboard letters that are cute but are a serif font. What if you did those with some sweet decoupage action and then painted the sides? I have a sample that I could show you, but I don’t want to post a picture just yet because it is for a gift for someone. I suppose I could text you a photo of it.

  2. Aw. Watch For Deer. Fer Cute.

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