A little Sunday afternoon sewing project

For the two or three of you who have been paying attention, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. What is it they say? Something about the road to Hell and good intentions? Right.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with doing a lot of yard stuff (photos to follow one day), to the detriment of the inside of my house. I can’t remember the last time I did laundry. And even when I did it, I just left the basket of clean laundry on the bedroom floor, where it still sits this very day.

But I digress. As one of the people at church in charge of girls’ camp, I’ve been responsible for helping to make pajama pants for about 25 people. Kind of makes me miss the old days, when I went to girls’ camp, and life was much simpler. Instead of matching pajama pants, we just had a pink t-shirt or something. Easy peasy. But here the pajama pants are a local tradition, so I’ve had my sweatshop going while I’m not making a stone wall or pouring cement.

I decided today, after sewing another two pairs of pants, that I wanted to sew something fun. I remembered that I had some old mismatched sheets from my grandma’s house, so I decided to use a pillowcase and sheet to make this cute apron.

Ta da!

I just used an existing apron for the pattern. I used the pillowcase for the apron itself and the sheet for the tie and pocket. For the tie, actually, I just cut off the wider of the two hemmed edges of the sheet, because it was the perfect length for the tie. For the ties around the neck, I cut off about 2/3 of the hemmed edge of the pillowcase and then cut it into two pieces. I had originally planned to stitch up the bottom edge, but I liked the look of the raw edge. So I just stitched the pillowcase shut along the existing…hemline?…(I don’t know the technical word for the hem on a pillowcase) and then trimmed up along the stripes to make the fringe. I think it turned out cute! Thanks, Grandma!

So if any of my lady relatives wants one of these, I happen to have another striped pillowcase and plenty of the floral sheet left. Let me know!


2 responses to “A little Sunday afternoon sewing project

  1. ooooh! I love it. Make me one please!!!

  2. P.S. I too remember the old days of Girls Camp when you didn’t give a second thought to the fact that 25 adult women from the Stake (with better things to do) were planning all kinds of stuff for you to eat and make and do at Camp.
    You should post a picture of your sweatshop. Are the pants turning out cute? Are the girls helping with the sewing at all?

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