What’s not to love? Well…

If you walked into Albertson’s and saw a display of this, you’d buy it, right?

Chocolate oatmeal! A dream come true!

Well, it was only a buck, and it was chocolate oatmeal. How could I go wrong?
I bought a couple of boxes, and they’ve been untouched in my pantry for the last month. This morning I thought I would try it out. As someone who sometimes puts chocolate milk on cereal, I was sure it would be tasty.
I followed the directions (dump in water and microwave for 2 minutes), and this was what came out.

Delicious? Not so much.

Was it delicious? Well…no. More like “watered-down Jell-o instant pudding with oatmeal stirred in.” Bleheheheh. Guess what’s going into the “emergency only” food storage box.
Next time I think chocolate oatmeal sounds like a good idea, I’ll just make the regular kind and stir in a spoonful of Nestle Quik.


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