I need to move…off my butt.

In 2003 I started attending dance classes at night. It began with ballet one hour a week, and within a year or so, I had added tap, hip-hop, and 2 jazz classes to my routine. It was a lot of fun for me, and in many ways it was the delayed fulfillment of a secret childhood wish to be a superstar. (Mind you, these were beginning-level classes, and I was not exactly a superstar…but you know what I mean.)
Even when I started graduate school in 2006, I still kept taking a couple of dance classes at a time. Not only did I enjoy the exercise, but I felt a real emotional connection with dancing–and we got to do recitals (superstar!) a couple of times each year. Some nights I didn’t feel like dancing, but when I pushed myself to go anyway, I inevitably felt a lot better after sweating it out on the dance floor for an hour or so.
Last year, though, things started to change. I have had bad knees since puberty, and dancing sure didn’t make them feel any better. In fact, the pain was getting significantly worse. If that wasn’t bad enough, I also had a horrible years-long sinus infection that really sapped my energy and generally made life less enjoyable.
I was scheduled for sinus surgery in July, so I told my dance teacher and classmates that I would be out for awhile. I figured that once I felt better, I would be excited to dance again. But it turns out that I wasn’t excited at all–in fact, I felt a little relieved to be done.
That was it. I just felt done.
Sure I missed (and still miss) the friends I danced with for so many years, but I didn’t (and don’t) miss the dancing itself. Weird. I had loved it so much, felt so connected to it, but now? Done.
So no more dance classes…now what? After the surgery, I decided that I would start doing something once I felt recovered. But it never quite happened. Here we are months later, and I still haven’t figured out what that something will be.
Last week I decided to turn over a new leaf, and I busted out a $5 yoga video I had gotten at Target. Can I just tell you how much of my dance flexibility is gone? I felt like an old woman going through the simplest of poses. And my abs were ridiculously sore for days. DAYS, I tell you.
So needless to say that the lingering soreness coupled with my lingering “I am unemployed and don’t know what to do with myself” depression meant that I didn’t exercise the rest of the week.
This needs to change. I will never be a crazy gym addict, but I need to create an exercise routine (suggestions welcome).
Done with dance? Sure. But done with movement? Not acceptable.


2 responses to “I need to move…off my butt.

  1. I go to Lennie’s $5 power yoga every saturday and I am sore in a new muscle every week! I feel your pain! (I just typed feel your paint the first time) I will never be a gym all the timer either. But I do workout everyday except Bachelor night with Keri and my mom. Turns out I will workout if it is at home and the same time every day!

  2. Keep your hands off my paint.
    I found some workout videos in a box in the basement the other day, so I put one on to try it out. Stupid. Tried another. Even more stupid. I ended up doing about 6 minutes of 4 different videos, and they all sucked. So I gave up and made a sandwich instead.

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